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Military and Nautical Engineering (623)

academy actions advance advances aeronautical aerospace aim aircraft allow ancient antikythera antimilitarism application applied apply armed armies artificial artillery astern aviation battle battles bc biological biology biomedical boat bow bridge brigade britannica broad capability chemical china circuit cite civil civilian classical code combat command commercial commons communication complex computer concept conduct conflicts constant constraints construction content context council creative crew current dedicated defence defined definition designs details develop device dictionary disaster discipline doctrine economic effectively electrical electronic employed enduring enemy engineer engineering engineers era ethics etymology european event examples exist expert external factor failure fields films functions fundamental goal greek guide handling identify images incorporated industrial institute intelligence interaction inventions key latin learning logistics machine maintenance management manufacturing master materials mathematics mechanical mechanism media medicine medieval methodology militaria militarie militarism mission models national naval navigation notably nuclear objective officer older operational operations organisation oxford peacetime perform performance permanent personnel phenomena philosophy physical physics pilot popular portal practice processes produce producing profession professional project projects propeller random rapid recorded referred registered relationship renaissance requirement requires resource responsible retrieved revolution rise robotic role roman romans rotation safe safety scale science scientific scientists sea seamanship search ship sir skills social societies software soldiers solution source strategic strategy structure studies successful supply tactical tactics task technical technological technologies technology text threats tools transport united vehicles version vessel victory violence von war warfare wars weapon writer zone

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