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Metalworking and Primary Metal products (671)

abrasive alloy alloys aluminium amounts ancient angle application arc atomic axis band base bit bonding brazing bronze burning caliper carbon casting chemical chemistry circuit cite civilization cnc coating commons complex component conductivity contact content coolant copper corrosion creative crystal current cutter cutting deformation die drill drilling driven ductility electric electrical electron electrons element energy examples excess external fed ferrous file filing filler finishing forming friction gas gold grain grinder grinding harder heat hydrogen industrial interaction investment ion ions iron jet jewelry joining lathe lattice machine machining machinist magnesium manufacturing marking materials mechanical metal metallic metallurgy metals metalsmiths metalworking milling mold navigation noble nuclear nugget object occur operations ore oxidation oxide palladium performed periodic permanent pieces plastic platinum positive potential precious precision prevent primary processes produce produced producing properties pure reactive reducing require retrieved rotating rotation scale schneider science screw search sheet silver skills soldering solid source speed spindle spraying steel stone structural structure surfaces tap technique technologies technology temperatures text thermal thread threading tin titanium tool tools trade transition turning welding wheel wood workpiece zinc

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