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Insect Culture (638)

abdomen ability abstract academic accepted access acid acquired actions acts adapt adaptation adapted adaptive adult adults africa african agriculture alimentary allow allowed allows analyzing ancestor ancient animal animals annual antennae anthropological anthropologist anthropology ants apes aphid appearance appendage applied approaches apterygota aquatic arbitrary archeological archeologist archeology argued argues arnold arthropods artifact aspect associated attract attribute augustin australia australian bahasa bastian bat bee bees beetle behavior behavioral behaviors belief benedict beneficial benefit bildung binford biological biology bird boas boasian books brain break bug california cambridge canal capable capacity caterpillars cell characteristic chemical chicago childe chimpanzee chitin cicada civilization civilized claim classes closely cockroaches coevolution cognitive colonies combination combine commonly commons communicate communication communities comparative comparison competition complex compound concept concepts concern conflict consist consistent consisting consumption contact contemporary content context continue continuous cooperation created creation cricket critical critics crop crustaceans cultural culture cultures current cycle deacon debate debates define defined definition dell demonstrated dependent describe detect develop developing developmental dicondylia dictionary differences differing diffusion digestion digestive discourses diseases display distinct distinction distinctive diverse divided dominated dorsal drosophila dung dynamic earliest ecological ecology economic efficient egg emerged emphasis emulation entirely entomologist entomology entomophagy environment environmental environments enzymes epicuticle equal equally era eric essays essential ethnographic ethnological european event evolution evolutionary evolved exchange exclusive exocuticle exoskeleton experiences explain explained expression external extinct factor feature features female finding flies flight fluid flying focus foregut fossil franz functionalism functions fundamental fused gait ganglia ganglion gas geertz gender generation genetic genetics genus german gland global goal harris herder hexapoda highly hindgut hodder holloway homo honey horses host humanity humankind humans hunt hymes identified identify identity illinois imitative immigrant impact includes inclusive incomplete independently indian indigenous individuals infant influenced innovation insect insecta insecticides insects institution institutions integrated intellectual intelligence intentional interaction interested interpretation introduced invertebrate japanese journal jr julian kant key kinds kingdom kinship kroeber languages larva larvae layer learn learning legs leisure linguistic lives located locomotion log london macaque majority male malinowski marvin marxist materials matthew mcgrew meanings meat mechanism media mental metamorphosis methodology midgut mintz model modified monkey monograph monophyletic morphology moth moths motion mouth multiple murdock murphy muscle museum national navigation neoptera nerve network nonhuman norms norton notes notion numbered object objects observed offspring oldest online opposite orders organism organs origin original origins outer outline oxford oxygen pair pairs parallel paraphyletic parasitic parsons parthenogenesis patterns peoples perceive perspective pest pests pharynx phenomena phenomenon philosophy physical physiology pittsburgh plains plants pollination popular populations portal practice predators prey primate primatology primitive prior processes produce produced producing product project proposed protein psychology pterygota publication published pupae purposes random rank rapid rarely reduce reduced refer refers refinement reinventing rejected relation relationship remain represent reproduction reproductive require researcher resources respiration respiratory retrieved review rights role romanticism rules sahlins saliva salivary sapir schneider scholars science scientific scientists search segments selection sensory sex sexual shape share shared shifts sidney signals skills smaller social societies sociologist sociology sounds source speaker speaking species speech spider spread stable stages steward stick stocking stone strategies strategy structural structuralism structure structures stuart studied studies studying style subculture successful suggested suggests swimming symbolic symbols systematic taboo takes talcott taylor technologies tend termite terrence theories thorax tomasello tool tools trade traditional trait tree tripedal troop tube tubule tylor undergo understood unique united unity universal variable variation varieties variety vary version versus vibrational vibrations viewed views vintage vision vocabulary von walking war wash washing wasp water web williams wilson winged wings wolf yale

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