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Hunting, Fishing and Conservation (639)

african agricultural agriculture americans ancient angling animal antiquity applied apply aquaculture aquatic argue arrow associated bag bible bird birds boat bone bow capture catch catching chase cleric commercial commons communities competition conservation consumed consumption content cultural culture deer describe discussion dog domestication duck eastern endangered enterprise environment environmental ethic european event examples external fair fao fish fisheries fishermen fishers fishing foundation fox funds government greek guns habitat harvest homo hook hound humans hunt hunted hunter hunting hunts illegal impact includes india indian interaction internet involves issues kill killed killing kingdom laws legislation license limit limits livestock lobbied log lures mammal management managing marine marketing migratory national native navigation nets netting organizations paleolithic peoples pest phrase plants populations portal practice predators preservation prey processing professional project protect protected protection protein purchase pursue pursuit rabbit recreation recreational referred refers regulation reindeer religions require resource restoration restrictions retrieved ritual roman roosevelt rules rural russia safari sale science sea search selective shooting site social societies source species sport sports stalking stamp subsistence sustainability tackle tags technique tons tools trade tradition traditional traditions trapping traps trophy tuna typically united varmint vessel water waterfowl wild wildlife worldwide zealand

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