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Explosives, Fuels and related products (662)

ammunition atmospheric availability balance biofuel blast blasting brisance calculation carbon characteristic charges chemical citations classification coal code commonly compatibility composition compound constant content cylinder decomposition deflagration density derived determine detonate detonated detonating detonation detonator device diameter division dynamite electrical employed energy equation equivalent examples excess expansion explosion explosive expressed extremely features fission flame flammable fossil fragment friction fuel fuels fusion gas gaseous gases gel hazard heat heating highly humans hydrogen hypergolic impact improve increasing indicate initiated initiation insensitive items laser liquid loading majority marking materials maximum measure measured metal mining mixture moisture molar mole molecule moles navigation needing nitrate nitrogen nitroglycerin nuclear occur oil organic oxidizer oxygen petn phosphorus physical plants plastic portal potential powder practical practice primary priority produce produced product propellant propelling properties pure pyrotechnic quantity rapid rapidity rapidly rdx reactions relative release remaining require resistance retrieved safety search secondary sensitive sensitivity shipping shock solid source speed stability storage stored structure substance temperatures tests theoretical tnt train undergo united unstable velocity volatility volumes water wave weapons wood

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