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Agriculture and related Technologies (630)

Agriculture Agriculture Agriculture Agriculture
accounts acquaah advances africa african ages agricultural agriculture agronomy al allowed americas ancient animal annual anthropology application applied arts asia assessment associated axe bahasa barley basa bbc bc bean beneficial benefit biodiversity biofuel biological biotechnology bone books brady breeding bushel california cambridge causing cereal challenge characteristic chemical chicago chimpanzee china civilization climate clothing collection combined commons communication companies complex computer concern concerning concerns condition conservation construction consumer consumption contents conventional copper corn cotton crop cropland cropping crops cultivation cultural culture current currently decade definition degradation demand develop developing discovery disease domestic domesticated domestication driving earliest eastern economic ecosystem efficiency egypt electrical emergence energy engineering engineers environment environmental environments era essential european eutrophication evolution examples expedition exploration extensive external factor fallow farmer farming farms fertilizer fields flaking foods foundation fruit fuel gas genes genetic genetically genetics global gmo government grain grassland greenhouse grown harvest health helped homo humans hydrogen ideologies impact implications improved included includes increasing increasingly india indirect industrial innovation input institute integrated intensification intensive interaction internet irrigation issues journal key leading livestock loss ma machines maize management manure marketing materials meat mechanization medicine medieval mit mixed modified national native navigation neolithic news nj notion nuclear nutrient occurred oil organic output paleolithic pasture pearson percent pest pesticide pests philosophy physical plants pollution populations portal potential practical practice practices prehistoric prentice prices primates processing produce produced productivity properties rainfall raised raw refer refers region rely require requiring resistance resistant resources retrieved review revolution rice riots rise risk rotation rural saddle safety saving scale science scientific scientist search sector seed selection selective shiva shortages skills social societies soil source soybean species stiegler stone studies subsidies sugar sumerian supply sustainability sustainable synthetic technicism technique technological technologie technology theories tomato tool tools trade traditional transgenic transhumanism transport transportation united upper urban usage usda varieties variety vegetable water weapons weed wheat wheel wild wood worldwide yield yields

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