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Socialism and related systems (335)

advocate advocated africa african aim allocation alternative anarchist aneurin argue argued asia aspect assembly associated attlee bbc beckett believed bevan bolshevik books britain calculation capital capitalism capitalist centralised china chinese civil classes classical clem clement coal collected collective command commodities commodity communal commune communism communist concept conference conflict consciousness conservative constituent contemporary contrast contribution cooperative council creation crisis critical criticised criticism critics critique crosland decisions declaration declared define demand democracy democratic democrats desire determine dictionary directed distribution eastern economic economics economies economist economy edition effectively elected election engels enterprise enterprises equal equality establish european exist external financial founded france friedrich fundamental gained gas german germany goal goods government health henri historical housing ideologies ideology industrial industries inspired institution intellectual interests introduced introduction investment karl key labour lange latin leader lenin libertarian liberty london ma magazine mainstream majority management manifesto markets marx marxism marxist maximise mechanism minister mixed model models monopoly movements national nationalisation nationalised neoliberal organisation organised organizations oskar outcome output owen ownership oxford paris participatory parties peasants perspective philosophy planned policies politics poll potential preface prices produce produced producer productive profit programme proletarian proletariat proponent propose radical rasmussen rational refer refers reform relation republic resource retrieved review revolution revolutionary revolutions rights rise role rosser russia russian science scientific sector social socialism socialist solidarity soviet spd stalin stated strike struggle technocratic theories thorstein trade trotsky twentieth uk unemployment unions united utopian variant veblen versus viewed vladimir von votes wage war wealth welfare wishart won worker

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