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Slavery and Emancipation (326)

abolished abolition abolitionism abolitionist accepted access adam africa african africans ages americans americas ancient arab arrived asia atlantic bales barbary bbc berlin bondage bonded brass brazil britannica bull california capture captured carolina catholic centuries china chinese civil civilization coast colonies consisted contemporary content continue converted cotton crime crimean current davis debate debt declaration definition digital discussion disposable eastern economic economy emancipation empire enslaved enslavement equal equality estimate estimated estimates ethnic european expanded expedition families famous forced foundation freed frontier gang global government greece greek guide hate historian historical illegal ilo indentured india indian institution islam islamic italy jewish journal kara kevin khanate kiln king kingdom kolchin labour laws legal lincoln london masters mauritania medieval mediterranean movements muslim national native news niger nigeria northern officially ottoman owner penal percent pirate plantation portal portugal practice proclamation profits prohibited prominent published racial racism region remained reparations reports retrieved revolution rights role roman rome royal russia russian sea search serfdom serfs servitude sex slave slavery slaves social societies sold source soviet spain spanish studies sudan survey tatar tom trade traders trafficked trafficking transatlantic unfree united universal victims voyage war worker worldwide zanzibar

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