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Political Science (320)

Political Political Political Political Political
academic accepted actions affairs agencies ages applied aronowitz aspect assembly australian authority bahasa basa behavior believed biological books boston broad chemistry civil claim clan classification classified commons computational concerning constitution contents corruption council courts critical criticism critiques culture custom debate definition democracy des dictionary digital discoveries discovery distinguished economy empirical enactment enforced engineering essay essential ethics etymology event evolution executive exist experiment experimental experimentation experiments facts features feyerabend feynman fiction fields formal foundation framework france fringe government health hypotheses hypothesis ideology illegal independent institution interaction jenks journal journalism journals junk justice king kingship landlord latin laws legislation library locke logic magazine majority male marriage mathematical mathematics meant media methodological national navigation news notion nuclear object objective observation official origin oxford parliament patriarchal perseus petition phenomena philosopher philosophical philosophy physical physics politics popular portal powers practice primitive profit proof pseudoscience psychology publication published reagan refer relationship representation require resource retrieved review revolution role routledge royal rule rules science sciences scientific scientist search seeks sister social societies speaking studies successful technology tested text theories totem tribe typically uniformity united vested war wing

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