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Military Science (355)

ability academy achieved actions advance advances ages aircraft allow ancient antimilitarism antimilitarist antiquity application applied apply argument armed armies aronowitz artillery aspect battle battles bc biological books boston bow brigade broad capability capable changing chemistry china civil civilian classical classified combat command commons communication computational concept conduct conflicts content critical critiques culture debate defence definition details determine dictionary discoveries discovery distinguished doctrine effectively empirical employed enduring enemy engineering essay ethics etymology european event evolution experiment experimental experimentation experiments explain explanations external feyerabend feynman fields films focus formal fringe functions goal government greek health hypotheses hypothesis ideology images increasingly institutions intelligence interaction journalism journals junk latin laws logic logistics magazine maintenance management mathematical mathematics media medicine medieval methodological militaria militarie national naval navigation needing news notably notion objective observation officer online operational operations organisation oxford peacetime performed permanent personnel phenomena philosopher philosophical philosophy physical physics poetry popular portal prevent pseudoscience psychology publication published recorded refer referred refers relationship requirement resource retrieved review revolution role roman romans routledge royal science sciences scientific scientist search separate sir social societies soldiers source strategic strategy structure studies supply tactical tactics task technological technology tested text theories threat tools trench typically uniformity united version victory violence war warfare wars weapon writer zone

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