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Insurance (368)

accident accidental accounting acts actuarial adjuster agent annuities application arising aspect associated auto automobile banks beneficiary benefit benefits bond broker buy capital captive card cargo carrier cash casualty caused claim claims classified commercial communities companies compensation concept content contract cover coverage coverages covering covers credit crop current damage deductible deficit defined dental determine disability disaster discrimination doctor ducke earn earthquake economies economy entities entity estate event excess exchange exist expenses exposure factor fee finance financial financing flood funds gift global government handling hazard health homeowner homes incident includes income indemnity independent individuals injury institute instruments insurability insurable insurance insure insured insureds insurer insurers insures insuring intentional inventor investment issued kinds legal liability liable likelihood limit limited loan london loss losses management marine markets materials merchant mortgage motor mutual national obligation offered owner parent parties patent paying payment pays pension peril permanent pocket policies policyholder practice premium presented probability profession professional profit protect protected protection protects purchase rates reasonable receive redlining referred registered regulation regulatory reinsurance rent represent require requirements retrieved risk risks saving science security seeking sell separate settlement social societies standards theft trade transaction transfer typically uk underwriting unemployment united vehicle wage

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