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Economics of land and Energy (333)

abstract accessed accounting accounts actions activation active adam adding advantage agents aggregate allocation allows ancient angular application applied approaches argued aristotle arts aspect associated assumption atoms attempt bahasa bank behavior behavioral benefit beta biological blaug bodies bond books britannica broad broadly buyer cambridge capacitor capital carbohydrate carbon cell ch changing charges chemical chicago circular classical coase collapse collections commodity commons comparative competition competitive complex component concept concern concise configuration consequence conservation conserved consideration constant consumer consumption contact contemporary contents contribution controlled convenient conversion converted coordinate created creation critical criticism current curve cycle decay decrease defined definition degrees demand demanded depression describe destroyed details determine developments dictionary discussion dismal distinct distinction distribution division ecological econ econometrics economic economics economies economist economy edition efficiency efficient elastic electric electricity electromagnetic electron electrostatic elgar emphasis empirical employed employment energies energy entirely entropy environment environmental equal equally equation equilibrium equivalent event evolutionary examines examples exchange experiments explain expressed expression external externalities factor factors failure familiar featured features feynman fields finance financial firms fission fixed flow focus focused formal formed fossil frame friedman friedrich fuels fundamental fusion gain gas generated global goods government graph gravitational gravity greek guide hamiltonian heat heterodox highly hydrogen impact incentives includes income increases individuals industrial inertia infinite inflation influenced inputs instance institutional institutions interaction interconversion internal introduction invariant investment issues joskow joule journal karl key keynes keynesian kinds kinetic labour lagrangian lands laws learning legal levels liberal limits london lowest macmillan macroeconomic magnetic mainstream malthus manufacturing marginal marginalism mark markets marshall marx materials mathematical mathematically maximum maynard mccloskey measure measured measurement measures mechanical mechanics mechanism media metabolism methodology microeconomic mill minimal mit model modeling models modified molecular molecule monetary monopoly motion national navigation negative neoclassical newtonian nicholas nobel nordhaus notes notion nuclear object objects occurs oil oligopoly online operator opposed ordered organism original oscillator outline output oxford oxygen palgrave papers particle partly perfect phenomena photon photosynthesis physical physics physiocrats plate policies politics portal positive potential practical practice predict prices primary privacy prize processes produce produced producer product profession professional profit proportional protons quantitative quantities quantity quantum radiation radioactive random rates rational reactions reference referred refers regulation relation relationship relative relativity release released releases relies remains represented represents resource retain retrieved returns reversible review rhetoric rise rock ronald rotational rules samuelson scalar scale science scientist search sector seller separation serve significance simplified situations smith social solar source specialization specialize speed spending spread statistical statistics store stored structure studied studies substance sum supplied supply task technique testing tests text textbook theorem theoretical theories thermal thermodynamic thermodynamics tools trade transfer transferred transformation transformed triggered typically uncertainty unemployment unit units universe usage utility variable versa versus vice views virtual wage watch water watts wave wealth weight welfare wikiversity worker

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