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Customs of War and Diplomacy (399)

diplomacy diplomacy diplomacy war war war war war
academy accept actions adding aduana advanced affair agencies agency aggression aggressor agreement alexander alliance allies allowed ambassador ancient animal ant arbitration argues armed armies asia aspect atrocities attack attempt authority autonomous avoid bahasa bargain battle battles bc behaviour biological birth books border borders bulge cad campaign canada capital career casualties caused census challenged channel chemical china chinese citations cite cited citing citizen civil civilian civilization claim claims classical clausewitz cleanup collection combat combatants commercial commons complex concept conduct conference conflict congo conquered conquest contact contents convention conventional created cultural culture current currently custom customs damage database deaths decide demographic depends der destruction details died diplomacy diplomat diplomatic diplomats discuss discussion dispute disputes documents domestic dominate duties duty dynasty earliest economic economics economy edition egypt embassies embassy emperor empire enter entry environment envoy era espionage estimated ethnic eu european event eventually evolutionary examples exchange exist existence external factor fertility fighting formal fornari fought foundation france fry fuller gary geneva genocide german germany gift global goods government governments greece guide han heinsohn historical hong host hostilities humans immunity imperial implications import imported improve incentive includes independence independent india indonesia industrial informal instance institute intelligence interaction internal intervention invasion iraq issues italian italy items japan justice keeley killed kingdom kong korean languages largest leading lebanon legal legitimate limited linked london male malthusian management maritime massacre mediation milan minister ministries mission modified mongol morality moscow motivation mountain multiple muslim napoleon national navigation needing negotiate negotiation northern notable notes nuclear occur occurred official online organized original origins ottoman paradiplomacy parties passenger peak periods permanent persia politics port portal positions potential powers practice precedence privatization procedures prohibited psychological psychology punic rank rates rationalist rebellion recognition relation reliable removed renaissance representatives republic resolution resource retrieved revenue review revolution rights rise role roots ruler rules russia russian scholars science search security send sides siege smaller social societies soldier song sought sources soviet spanish spies spread standards strategic strategy studies supporter surrender tagged taiwan tang taxes technology territory terror text theories toll tools track trade treaties treaty tribal troop turkish und united universal unverifiable vat victorious victory vienna vietnam viewed violence violent von war warfare warring wars water weapons xiongnu youth

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