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Culture and Institutions (306)

Culture Culture Culture
ability accepted access acquired actions acts adaptation adaptive adult africa african agriculture analyzing ancestor animal annual anthropological anthropologist anthropology apes applied approaches arbitrary archeological archeologist archeology argued argues arnold artifact aspect augustin bastian behavior behavioral behaviors belief benedict bildung binford biological boas boasian books brain california cambridge capacity characteristic chicago childe chimpanzee civilization civilized claim cognitive combination combine communication communities comparative comparison competition complex concept concepts concern conflict consisting contemporary content context cooperation creation critical critics cultural culture cultures current deacon debate debates define defined definition dell dependent describe develop developmental dictionary differences distinct distinction distinctive diverse dominated dynamic ecological ecology economic efficient emerged emulation environment environmental equal eric essays essential ethnological european event evolution evolutionary evolved exclusive experiences explained expression external factors feature features female finite focus franz functionalism functions fundamental geertz gender german global goal harris herder highly historical hodder holloway homo horses humanity humankind humans hymes identified identify identity illinois imitative immigrant impact includes inclusive independently indian indigenous individuals infant influenced innovation institution institutions integrated intellectual intelligence intentional interaction interested interpretation introduced japanese journal jr julian key kingdom kinship kroeber languages learn learning leisure linguistic london macaque male malinowski marvin marxist matthew mcgrew meanings meat media mental methodology mintz model monkey monograph motor murdock murphy museum national nonhuman norms norton notion object objects observed origin original origins oxford parallel parsons patterns peoples perspective phenomena philosophy physical pittsburgh plains popular practice primate primatology primitive prior processes produce produced product project proposed psychology publication published purposes random refer refers refinement reinventing rejected relation relationship remain reproductive require researcher resources retrieved review rights role romanticism rules sahlins sapir schneider scholars science scientific scientists sexual share shared shifts sidney skills social societies sociologist sociology source speaker speaking species speech spread steward stocking stone strategies strategy structural structuralism structure structures stuart studied studies studying style subculture suggested suggests symbolic symbols taylor technologies terrence tomasello tool tools trade traditional trait tree troop tylor understood unique united unity universal variety version versus viewed views vintage vocabulary war wash washing williams wolf yale

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