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Air and other Specialized forces (358)

absorption accelerate accelerates acceleration acted acting actions acts affect allow allows alternative altitude angular applied apply arising aristotelian aristotle associated astronaut atmosphere atmospheric atoms bahasa bicycle billion bodies boson boundary cannonball carbon celestial centrifugal centripetal changing characteristics chemical circular circulation classical climate coefficient commons compared component composed composition compound concept concepts conservation conservative consistent constant contact content continue continuum current cutnell decay decreases defined definition density depending describe description detailed determine diagram dictionary dioxide directed discussion displacement drag dry dyn dynamical edition einstein elastic electric electromagnetic electromagnetism electron electrostatic electroweak emission emit energy equal equation equilibrium equivalent events evolution exchange exclusion exerted existence exosphere experiment extended extends external factor falling falls features feynman fictitious fields fluid follow formula formulated foundation frame friction fully fundamental galileo gas gases gauge global gluons gradient gravitation gravitational gravity greenhouse heat height hypothetical ideal impetus impossible impulse includes increases independent inertia inertial infrared insight integral integrating interaction intergovernmental internal intuitive inverse isaac journal kinematic kinetic kp laws layer lbf lecture leighton linear load location machine macroscopic magnetic magnetism magnitude mathematical mathematically mathematics measurement mechanical mechanics mesosphere mixing model modeled models molecular molecule momentum motion motions navigation net newton newtonian nitrogen nonconservative nuclear object observations observed opposite optical orbits origin oxygen ozone particle path pdl permanent perspective photon physical physicists physics planet planetary pointing pollution portal potential ppmv predict projectile properties proportional proposed pull pulling push quantum radial radiation random realized reference refractive relative relativistic relativity remain responsible resultant retrieved rotation rotational rotations roughly rule sands scalar scattered scattering science scientists sea search ship situations solar solid sons source specialization speed squared stated static stationary stratosphere stress string structure tendency tension theories thermosphere tools torque trace troposphere ultimately unbalanced unified unit units universal universe vapor variable varies vector vehicle velocity version virtual visible water wavelengths weak weight wiley yield

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