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Plants noted for Characteristics and Flowers (582)

flowers flowers flowers flowers flowers flowers
adaptation al algae anemophilous angiosperm animals annual anther archaeplastida atmosphere attract attractant bahasa basa bats bee bees biological biology biomes bird botanical botany bryophyta bryophyte cambridge carbon carnivorous carpel cell cellulose charophyta chemical chlorophyll chlorophyta chloroplasts cladistic classification climate coal commonly commons component compound comprise conifer contact content crop cultivated defined definition depends derived develop devonian dispersal distribution division dominant dried drug earliest economic ecosystems edible edition embryophyte energy environmental epiphytes event evolution evolutionary evolved examples external factor female fern fertilization flora floral flower flowering flowers formation formula fossil fossils fruit functions fungi fused gametophyte garden gardens generation genes gift grains grasses grow guide gum gymnosperm haeckel highly hindu honey host insect involve kingdom leaf leaves male mature mechanism mineral model modification modified morphology mosses multicellular multiple national native navigation nectar negative nitrogen numerous nutrient orchid organ organic organisms organs origin original ovules oxygen perennial petals petrified photosynthesis physiology pigment pistil plantae plants pollen pollinated pollination pollinator portal primary primitive produce produced proposed protein region relationship rely remain represent reproduce reproduction reproductive resources retrieved root scent scientific search seed sensu sepals separate shape showing soil source specialized species spice spores sporophyte spread stamen stem stigma structural structure sugar sunflower symbiotic symbol taxon taylor tea tissue transfer transferred transition tree typically variation variety vascular vectors viridiplantae visible walls wasp water whorl whorls wind wood

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