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Modern Physics (539)

accelerator actions ad advancement advances africa african ages agreement aims alliance allied allies allowed ancient antebellum antiquity application applied armed asia aspect assembly associated astronomy astrophysics atom atomic atoms balance balkan bang begun belief berlin biology biophysics bolshevik books border boson boston break britain cambridge capitalism capitalist centuries changed chapter chemical chemistry china chinese cities civil civilization claim classes classical coined collection collider colonies colonization commonwealth communication communist complex composed computer concept condensate condensed conflict conservative constituent constitutional contemporary content context contrast contributed contribution controlled cosmic cosmology created creation crises crisis criticized cultural culture current darwinism deals decade declaration declared defeat defined depression describe description develop developing developments dictionary died directory discoveries discovery discussion distinct distribution divided domain dominated dynamics dynasty earliest eastern economic economy edition einstein electric electrical electricity electromagnetic electromagnetism elementary emperor empire ended energy engine engineering engineers enlightenment equation era european event eventually evolution existing expansion experiment experimental experimentalists experiments expressed external famous fermi feynman fields fighting flag fluid formation formed fought foundation framework france fundamental gained galaxies geophysics german germany gilded global government governments gravity greatly greek hawking historians historical humanism imperial imperialism implications included includes independence indian industrial industrialization industries influenced institute institution interaction internal introduction invasion isaac issues italian italy japan japanese karl king kingdom korea largest latin laws leading league lecture legislative liberal limited liquid london lord macmillan majority map marked marx massive materials mathematical mathematics mechanics medicine medieval meiji model modernism modernity modernization molecular monarchy motion movements muslim napoleon napoleonic nasa national nationalism nationalist nato navigation nazi neutrino newton nineteenth notable notably notion nuclear objects observation observed occurred ocean oil optical optics ottoman outline oxford pacific pact parliament particle pax penrose periods phase phenomena philosopher philosophical philosophy physical physicist physics poland politics portal postmodern powers practice predictions previous primary properties prussia qing quantum radiation radical railway rapid reality reconstruction referred reform reformation regime reign rejected relation relativity renaissance replaced republic reserve restoration retrieved revolt revolution revolutionary revolutions rights rise roaring roger role roman roughly russia russian scale science scientific scientists sea search seek separate shape slave slavery social socialist solar source sources soviet spanish speed spread starting statistical steam structure studied studies subfield successful suffered surrendered survey technological technologies technology telescope tension territory tesla text theoretical theories thermodynamics timeline tools topic trade transformed treaty triple tsarist turmoil twenties twentieth unification united universal universe unrest upheaval usage vast victorian victory video war warfare wars warsaw water wave weak wealth web website wilhelm worker worldwide

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