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Microorganisms, Fungi and Algae (579)

acad academy acid active adaptation adapted advances agar agaricus agent agricultural agriculture ainsworth al albicans alexopoulos alga algae algal alkaloids allow alternative amanita ancestor ancient animal animals antibiotics application applied appressorium aquatic archaea archaeplastida armillaria asci ascomycetes ascomycota asexual aspergillus associate aureus bacteria bacterial bahasa basidiomycetes basidiomycota belong benefit berkeley billion biochemical biochemistry biodiversity biological biology biomass biosynthesis biotechnology blackwell blast blastocladiomycota bodies botany bread brodo broth broths california cambridge cancer candida carbohydrate carbon caused causing cell cereal characteristic cheese chemical chemistry china chlorarachniophytes chlorophyll chlorophyta chloroplast choanozoa chytridiomycota chytrids cl clade classification classified clinical closely coast colonial commonly commons competitive complex compounds concepts contact content contrast coral corals crc critical crust cultured current cyanobacteria cycle deacon decomposition derived des details dh dictionary differences dikarya dikaryotic dinoflagellate diploid discovery disease diseases dispersal distances distinct distribution diverse diversity division dna domain drug ds dust earliest ecological ecology ecosystem edible efficient el endophyte endophytic endosymbiont endosymbiotic energy engineering entirely environment environmental environments enzyme essential estimated estimates etymology eukaryota eukaryote eukaryotic event evolution evolutionary evolved examples exhibit existence experimental external extreme extremely extremophile fatty featured features fems fermentation filamentous filter fish fisheries fishing fission flora forest formation formed fossil fossils freshwater fruiting fuel functions fung fungal fungi fungus fusarium ganoderma gene genera genes genetic genetics genome genomics genus glomeromycota gm greek grouped grouping grow guide guiry habitat haploid harmful harvested healthy heterokonts hibbett highly historical host humans hygiene hyphae hyphal identification identified identify immunology impact included includes indicate individuals industrial infection insects interaction introduction ireland isolated ja japan jennings jm journal jw key kickxellomycotina kill kingdom kirk latin leeuwenhoek levels lichen lichens lifestyle lineage london ma magnaporthe marine mating mc md mechanical mechanism media medicinal medicine medium meiosis membrane metabolism metabolites microbe microbial microbiol microbiological microbiology microorganism microscope microscopic microscopy microsporidia milk mite mitochondria mj model mold molds molecular molecules morphological morphology mucoromycotina multicellular multiple museum mushroom mutualistic mycelium mycobiont mycologia mycological mycology mycorrhiza mycorrhizal mycotoxin naked national natl navigation nematodes neocallimastigomycota news nitrogen nj np nuclei nucleus nutrient nutrition observed occur ocean oil older oldest oomycetes opinion organelle organic organism organisms origin origins orr oxford oxygen parasite pasteur pathogen pathogenic pathogens pathway penicillin penicillium pest ph phase photobiont photosynthesis photosynthetic phyla phylogenetic phylogeny phylum physiological physiology phytochemistry planet plants plastids plos poisonous portal potential practically preparation presence primary proc proceedings processes produce produced producing prokaryote properties proposed protein protists protozoa purposes radiation rapidly reach reef relationship relative release remain reproduce reproduction reproductive resemble retrieved rev review rhodophyta rhynie rice rock role root round saccharomyces sample schardl sci science scientific scientists sea search seaweed secondary separate sewage sexual sexually similarities sister slime soil source sources specialized species sponge spore spp staphylococcus strategies structurally structure studies substance substrate sugar surfaces survey survive svenska symbiont symbiosis symbiotic systematic taxonomic taxonomy taylor terrestrial text textbook tips tissue tn tools topic toxic toxins traditional traditionally transfer tree trends turgor typical typically uk unicellular unique united unseen uptake usa van viruses visible vital vitamin walls warfare water web weed wild worldwide yeast zoopagomycotina zygomycota

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