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Mammals (599)

Mammals Mammals
accepted afrotheria amniote ancestor animal animals aquatic bat bell birds birth bone boreoeutheria brain bulletin characterized clade classification crocodilians cynodont diaphragm diet digestive dinosaurs diverged ear earliest eat echidna eggs elephant endothermy eutheria evolution evolutionary evolved external extinct extinction feature features feeding fossil fully fur gestation gland grandorder heat includes infraclass insectivorous insects intelligence jaw joint jurassic largest layer limb lineage lizard locomotion lung magnorder mammal mammalia mammalian mammals mammary marsupials mckenna metabolic molecular monotreme museum orders origin original paleontologists pelycosaur permian placental placentals plants prehistoric primates produce prototheria relative reptile respiratory retrieved rise rodentia skull sloth soricomorpha source species sprawling structure subclass suggested synapsids taxa terrestrial textbook therapsids theria triassic ungulates vertebrate whale xenarthra

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