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Life Sciences; Biology (570)

biology biology biology
ability acad accepted acid active adaptation advances agent al amino anatomy ancient animal animalia animals application applied apply archaea aristotle aronowitz artificial aspect attempt bacteria bahasa basa behavior belief believed biochemistry biocode biological biologist biology biophysics biosphere biotechnology books boston branch broad california cambridge capable careful cell cells cellular challenge changing chapter characteristic chemical chemistry chromosome classification classified code commonly commons complex component computational concept concepts concerning conducted content creative critical critiques culture current darwin define defining definition des descent detail determining develop developmental dictionary differences discovered discoveries discovery discussion disease distribution diversity divided dna domains dynamic ecological ecology ecosystem ecosystems edge edition egg emergence emphasis empirical energy engineering entropy environment environmental essay essential ethics ethology etymology eukaryota eukaryotes event evolution evolutionary examines exist experiment experimental experimentation experiments explain explained explaining explanation expression external extinction extraterrestrial extreme extremophile factors facts features feyerabend feynman fields fish focus formal formation fossil foundation framework fringe functions fundamental fungi gaia gene genes genetic genetics genome genomic genus gerald greek grow harper health heredity hierarchy homeostasis humans hypotheses hypothesis includes independent inorganic inquiry institute institution interaction internal introduction journal journalism journals joyce junk kingdom kingdoms laboratory lamarck languages latin laws levels linnaeus logic london magazine maintain materials mathematical mathematics mechanism media medicine metabolism methodological microbiology microorganisms microscopic model models modified molecular molecule multicellular museum national navigation news nineteenth nomenclature notes notion objective observation ocean organic organism organisms organs origin originally originated origins oxford paleontology permanent perspective phenomena phenomenon philosopher philosophical philosophy phylogenetic phylogeny physical physics physiological physiology plantae plants popular populations portal possess possibility practical precursor prion proc processes produce project prokaryote properties proposal proposed protein protista pseudoscience psychology publication published publishing reactions referred relationship require respond response retrieved review revolution rna role routledge royal scale sci science sciences scientific scientist search selection separate sequence social societies soul source species star structural structure structures stuart studied studies substances survive synthesis systematics taxonomy technology tested text theoretical theories tools traditionally tree ultimately unit universal universe variation version virus viruses vital vitalism website whittaker woese zone zoology

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