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Fossil Mammals (569)

mammals mammals
accepted afrotheria amniote ancestor animal animals appearance aquatic archaean bacteria bat bell billion bioimmuration biological biology birds birth bone boreoeutheria brain bryozoan bulletin cambrian carboniferous cavity cell characterized china chiroptera clade classification contents cynodont da darwin dating descendants details diaphragm diet digestive dinosaur discoveries diverged ear earliest eat echidna eggs elephant endothermy eocene eutheria evolution evolutionary evolved explanation extant external extinct extinction families faunal feature features feeding formation formed fossil fossiliferous fossilization fossilized fossils fully fur geological geology gestation gland grandorder heat hierarchical hole includes infraclass insectivorous insects intelligence internal jaw joint jurassic largest layer leonardo limb lineage lizard locomotion lung magnorder mammal mammalia mammalian mammals mammary marsupials mckenna metabolic metatheria microfossils microscopic minerals mistaken mold molecular monotreme museum navigation oldest orders organism origin original overview paleontologists paleontology pelycosaur permian permineralization placental placentals plants portal prehistoric preservation preserved primates processes produce proterozoic prototheria pseudofossils rare rarity relationships relative remains replacement reptile resin respiratory retrieved rise rock rodentia scale science scientific sea search shells site skeletal skull sloth soft soricomorpha source specialized species sprawling strata stromatolite structure studies subclass succession suggested synapsids taxa teeth terrestrial textbook therapsids theria tissue trace transitional tree triassic upper vertebrate vinci void whale xenarthra

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