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Fossil Chordates (566)

Fossil Fossil Fossil Fossil
ages animal animals bacteria bahasa benton billion bioimmuration biological biology blackwell bodies bone burgess california cambrian cell cephalochordata cephalochordate chengjiang chordata chordate classes classification closely closest contents conway cord craniata craniate da darwin dates dating details deuterostome dorsal earliest echinoderms ediacaran evolution evolutionary explanation external extinct fauna faunal features fish formation formed fossil fossiliferous fossilization fossilized fossils geological geology hagfish hemichordate hole invertebrate journal jurassic layer leonardo microfossils microscopic minerals modified mold molecular museum navigation nerve notochord older oldest organism origin original palaeontology paleontology permineralization pharyngeal pharynx phyla phylogenetic phylogeny phylum plants preservation preserved processes produced proterozoic pseudofossils publishing rare rarity regarded relationships relative remains replacement resin retrieved rock scale science scientific sea search shale shell shells shu sites skeletal skeleton slit soft species spinal strata stromatolite subclass subphylum succession tail taxonomy technique teeth tissue trace tree tunicate urochordata vertebrae vertebrate water xenoturbellida

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