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Ecology (577)

abiotic abundance accounting adaptation adapted al allee amphibian anaerobic animal annual ants aphid application applied aquatic aspect associate atmosphere atmospheric autotrophs bacteria behavior behavioral behaviour behavioural behaviours benefit billion biodiversity biogeochemical biogeochemistry biogeographical biogeography biological biology biomass biome biomes bioscience biosphere biotic bird birth boreal botanical brood budgets bulletin cambridge capacity capital carbon carrying cascade cell chain chicago classification clements climate commons communities comparative complex component composed composition compound concentration concept conceptual connection consequence conservation construction consumer content context contrast cooper creates crisis current cycle darwin decomposition defined definition density describe develop differ dimension dioxide discipline display distribution diversity dominant dynamic dynamics ecological ecologist ecology economic economics economy ecosystem elton emergent emission energy engineering environment environmental environments ernst estimated ethology evolution evolutionary evolve evolved examples experiment explain external extinction factor feedback feeding fires footprint forest forests framework frontiers functional fundamental fungi gases genes genetic genetics global grass grasses gravitational greek habitat health heat herbivores hierarchy historical holism holistic host hydrogen hypothesis implications indirectly individuals insect interaction internal introduced jones journal keystone kinds landscape leading leaves levels levin limited london loss macarthur maintain male management marine materials mature mcintosh measure metabolic metabolism metapopulation methane microbiome microorganisms migrate migration model models modify molecular mosaic mutualism national naturalist niche null nutrient ocean oceans oikos organic organism organisms origin ostrom oxygen paradigm parameter park patches patterns phenomena philosophical philosophy photosynthesis photosynthetic physical physiological physiology places planet planetary plants pond populations portal practical predation predators prentice primary principals processes productivity properties publication published quarterly radiation rates rees reference regions regulate regulates regulatory relation relationship relative removed require researcher resource respiration retrieved review role root salamander salt scale science scientific sea selection seral sexual share site smaller smith social soil solar source spatial spatially species stability stages statistical structure studied studies sum superorganism supply survive sustain sustainability symbiosis symbiotic synthesis systematic technique terrestrial trait transformed tree trend trophic turbulence understood unit urban van vegetation warming water web webs wetland wildlife wiley williams wilson wind zoology

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