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Cold-Blooded Vertebrates; Fishes (597)

Cold Cold
al amphibians anatomy ancestral animal animals aquaculture aquarium aquatic associated backbone bahasa basa bbc biology bird bladder bodies bony brain breathe breathers breathing catfish cell chondrichthyes chordata chordate cichlids classification classified cleaner collette column commons conservation content craniata culture current database defenses detail develop devonian digestion digestive disease diversity dorsal ectothermic eel egg electric event evolution evolutionary examples extant external extract facey families featured fertilization fin fins fish fishbase fisheries fishery fishes fishing flow frequently freshwater gill granulocytes grouping gut habitat hagfish hagfishes helfman humans ichthyology immune internal intestine introduction jawless jaws kidney kingdom labyrinth lamprey largest larvae lobes lungfish lymphocyte macrophages mammals marine mouth movies muscular navigation nelson nervous news ocean olfactory oocyte opening organ organism organs osteichthyes overfishing oviparous oxygen pain paired pathogen perch phylogenetic portal possess primitive produce publishing rainbow random rays referred region relative reproductive reptiles respiration retrieved rise salmon scale schooling scientists sea seafood search secondary shark shoal skin species spinal structure subclass subphylum superclass swim swimming taxonomy teleosts temperatures tetrapods tissue traditional tree trout tuna typically unnamed variety version vertebrata vertebrate views viviparous water whale

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