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Methodist and related Churches (287)

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abingdon acadsa africa african anglican annual arminian arrived asbury associated australia authority awakening baptist belief bentley bible bishop bodies britain brother calvinistic canada canadian cape catholic celebration characterized china christ christianity churches circuit civil classes clergy coast coke collection colleges commonly conference congregational congregations connexion conservative content council covenant current dedicated denomination denominations discipline discussion divided doctrine eastern elder episcopal evangelical feature fiji follow formed forster foundation founded france ghana gold gospel government holiness holy hospital humphreys hymns independent india institutions ireland islands jesus joined kempton korea korean lake largest leading liturgy meetings melbourne membership merged merger methodism methodist methodists ministers ministries mission missionaries missionary missions model movements named nashville national native navigation needing northern opposed ordained organized original oxford park pastor pentecostal perfection philippine piula portal practice prayer preach preacher presbyterian prevenient primitive print prominent protestant publishers reform reformation reformed republic response retrieved rev reverend revival revolution riders roman roots rowland russia saint salvation samoa samoan scriptural scripture search separate sermon serve slavery slaves social societies song sources split spread strawbridge superintendent temperance theological theology tradition traditions united upper war wesley wesleyan whitefield worship

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