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Gospels and Acts (226)

accepted acts additions agrippa alexandrian ananias ancient apocrypha apostle apostolic argue argued ascension asia attributed author authors authorship barnabas baruch bible biblical birth books byzantine canon canonical canons catholic chapter christ christianity christians codex commentary commission communities composed composition consensus content conversion convert council criticism cross current damascus dates dating decree dictionary die differences discussion divisions document earliest eastern edition eerdmans emphasis ephesus epistles evangelist evangelium event examples external fathers features foundation fragments funk galatians galilee genre gentile gospel gospels greek harmony harpersanfrancisco hebrew herod historian historical holy hypothesis impact infancy interpret introduction irenaeus jerome jerusalem jesu jewish jews josephus judaism judas judea king latin location luke manuscript marcion mark matthew mention message ministry minor miracles model mount narrative navigation nazareth noahide oral origin original orthodox oxford parable parallel pentecost pentecostal persecuted portal prayer preaching psalm rapids referred represent resurrection retrieved revelation roman romans rome saint samaria samaritan sanhedrin saul sayings scholars search seminar sermon simon source speeches st stories structure studies suggested surviving synod synoptic syria tarsus teaching temple testament text textual theology timothy title tradition traditions transmission twelve variants version views witness zealot

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