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Christian Observances in family life (249)

ability accepted acid actions adult ancestor ancient animalia animals anthropologist archaea argued aristotle attitude authoritarian bacteria bahasa baylor belief bible biological biology brother build california cambridge catholic cell cellular challenge characteristic chemical christ christianity christians civil classification classificatory classified collateral commonly commons complex component composed composition concepts conjugal contact contemporary content context copeland cousin creed cultural culture current daughter define defining definition denomination desire dictionary distinction distinguish distinguishes diversity divided divorce doctrine domain domestic ecological economic ecosystems eitzen energy environment environmental equal equality etymology european event evolution evolutionary exist experiment explain explained extended external extinction extraterrestrial extreme extremophile factors families fascism features female followers formation fossil foucault foundation functions fundamental fungi gaia gathering generation genes genetic grandmother grandparent greek grow hebrew hierarchy historical hypothesis ideal inbreeding income independent indicate individuals inorganic institution internal internet issues jesus journal joyce kingdom kinship laboratory languages lineal linnaeus lovelock maintain male marriage mechanism metabolism michel microbial microorganisms model molecular molecule morgan nasrani navigation negative nuclear organic organism organisms origin originally oxford parent parents percent permanent phenomena philosopher philosophy physical plantae plants portal possibility practice precursor primary proc processes produce properties proposed protein protestant protista published refer referred refers regard relation relationship relative reproduction respond response retrieved review rights rna role roman sci science scientific scientist search selection serve sex sexual sexuality share shift sibling sister social societies sociological sociologists soul species spouse star structure stuart survey survive synthesis taxonomy terminologies terminology text theories tolerance tradition unit united universe usage views virus viruses vitalism whittaker woese zinn zone

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