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absolute amounts ancient angular arrow astronomical atom atomic atoms bang bc believed books britannica caesium calendar cambridge chronology classical clock clocks concept constant content continuous continuum coordinate current cycle cyclical dating defined definition description device dictionary dilation dimension duration einstein energy equation era event exist exists external fate finite fixed flow frame fundamental geologic geological global globe greek greenwich hawking hindu horology illusion inertial inflation internet interpretation interval intuition journal judgement julian kant leap leibniz linear location lunar marine mathematical measurable measure measured measurement measuring mechanical mechanics mental metaphysics miscellaneous model motion navigation newton newtonian notes objects observer occur offset oxford particle passage pendulum perception periods phenomena philosopher philosophy physical physicists physics planck portal possibility priori pure quantify quantities quantity quantum refer reference referred relations relative relativistic relativity repeated represent retrieved revolution rotation scale science scientist seconds sequence si sidereal signal simultaneous solar spacetime spatial speed st standards stanford structure substance temporal theories timekeeping transition travel tropical twelve unit universe utc velocity views watch water zalta

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