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Philosophy of Germany and Austria (193)

Austria Austria Austria Germany Philosophy
ability absolute abstract academic academy actions active actor actual ad adherents administrative adolf aesthetics africa african ages agreed agreement alliance allied allies allowed alpine alps amendments analytic ancient angela animal annual anschluss anton appeal appearance applied apply appointed aquinas architects architecture archived aretaic argued argument argumentation aristotle armed artists asia asian assembly atlantic attempt attempted attendance augustine australia austria austrian austrians authority autumn award babenberg babylonian bahasa baltic bank basa base battle bavaria bavarian bbc bc beer beings belief believed berkeley berlin biggest bilingual billion blackwell books border borders bosnia branch britannica broad broadcaster broke bundesrat bundesrepublik bundestag bundeswehr burgenland cambridge canada capita capital carinthia catholic catholicism celtic census centre centuries chamber championship chancellor changed china chinese choose christians cinema cities citizen citizens civil claiming classic classical classics climate closely coalition coins commission commitment commons communist companion composer compulsory conceived concept conception concerning concerns concise confederation conflicts conquered consequence consequentialism conservatives consisting constitution constitutional consumption contact contemporary content continental continuing contradiction contribution copleston core council courts covers created crime critical critique croatian crown crucial cuisine cultural culture cup currency current currently czech czechoslovakia danish danube das dates decade declared defence definition democracy democratic democrats demographic denmark deontology deployment der derived descartes details deutsche deutsches deutschland dialects dialogue dictionary die differences director directory discussion dishes dispute distinct distinction distinguished districts divided division doctrine documentation domestic dominant dominated driver duchies dummett duties dynasty eastern economic economics economies economy ecoregions ecrml edited edmund elected election electricity emission emperor emphasis empire empiricism ends energy enjoyed entry environmental epistemological epistemology era ernst essential establishment estimated ethical ethics ethnic etymology eu euro eurobarometer european eurozone event examination exchange excluded existence existentialism existentialist exists expenditure exporter external factbook fair famous featured features fee female ferdinand festival fields fifa file film flag flight focus follow football forests formed formula foundation foundations founded framework france frankfurt franz friedrich frisian fund fundamental gained games gay gdp geography german germania germanic germans germany global golden gottfried government governments gracia grand greek grundgesetz guide gymnasium habsburg hamburg hans hegel heidegger helped hermann hesse highest highly hindu historical historically historisches hitler hobbes holocaust holy hosted humanity hume hungarian hungary husserl ice idealism idealist identify immanuel immigrant included increasingly independent independently india indian indonesia influenced influential inhabitants initiated innsbruck institute institutions integration intellectual intention interaction internationally internet introduced introduction invaded invasion investigation iranian islamic italian italy japan jewish jews johann johnson joined journal judgment justice justification kant karl key kierkegaard king kingdom kurt labour lands languages largest lasted lasts latin laws leader leading league learning legally legislation legislative leibniz lesson liberal library limited linguistic lists located locke logic logical lonnie ludwig macedonia magazine majority map marks marx matters maximum meant meat medal media medieval membership mental merkel metaphysical metaphysics migration minister ministry minorities minority mission mixed modified monarchy mountainous mountains movements movie mozart munich museum muslim naming national nationalrat native nato navigation nazi netherlands network neutrality news nicholas nietzsche nobel nominal nominalism noricum northern notable notably notes nuclear numerous object objective objects observer occupation occupied ockham offer official officially oliver olympic online opinion organisation origin original origins orthodox ostpolitik ottoman outline oxford park parliament parliamentary parmenides participation parties partly peacekeeping peirce penguin peoples percent perception periods permanent persia persian phenomenology philosopher philosophical philosophies philosophy phrases plato played poets poland politics poll popular portal portion positions positivism possibility powers practical pragmatism predominate primary prize produced professional profile profound project prominent promoted proper protected protestant province provisional prussia psychology published publishing pupil quarter quine quotations ranked ranking rationalism realism reality reasoning recognised recorded reduced reference referred reform reformation region regions registered reich rejected relation relationship remaining remains renaissance renewable renowned representative republic republik republika reputation resources responsible restaurants retrieved reunification revival revolution rhine richest rights rise rivers role roman roots roughly rousseau routledge rudolf rule ruled rules ruling russia russian saar salzburg san sartre saxony schengen schilling science scientific scientist sea search seat secondary sector secular security sensation senses sentence separate serve sextus shape shaped share shared sign signs sister site skepticism slavic slovene smaller smith social solar soldiers solely solomon sorbian source sovereign soviet spent spiegel spoken sport st standards stanford stars starting statistik status strand structuralism structure studies style styria subjects successful switzerland systematic target teacher team technical technology territories territory text texts theater theories thinker ties tourism towns traced trade tradition traditional traditions transcendental transition translation transport travel treated treaty tree tribe troops tuition turkey turkish turks tv twentieth uk und understood unemployment unification unified uniformity united unity universal universities upper varieties variety vatican versailles version vienna views virtue vocational von vote war wars weimar welle werner whilst widespread wikibooks wilhelm williams wind winner winter wolfgang won workers worldwide writers writings yugoslav zone

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