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Parapsychological and Occult methods (131)

occult occult occult occult
abilities ability academic academy alchemy alcock anomalies anomalous apply aspect associated attempts author belief bias books bulletin cite claims coined commons concluded conducted consciousness content continue controversy critical criticism critics current dean decade defined demonstrate demonstrated deviation duke educational engineering esoteric esotericism esp european events existence experiences experiment experimental experiments explain external extraordinary extrasensory foundation founded fraud gale ganzfeld generator hidden hyman independent individuals inquirer inquiry institute institution interaction interpretation investigation isolated jahn journal kabbalah laboratory levy liverpool magic magical magician mainstream medicine medium mental methodological methodology national navigation notes occult occultism occultist organizations paranormal parapsychological parapsychologist parapsychology park pear perception phenomena philosopher physical physicist physics places portal positive practice princeton procedure professional project pseudoscience psi psychic psychical psychokinesis psychological psychologist psychology publication published publisher publishing radin randi random reality receiver regarded relative religions remote reporting researcher response retrieved revival rhine schmidt scholar science scientific scientists search seek selective skeptical spiritual spiritualism spr st stated statistical statistically studies subjects supernatural target telepathy text theosophical unit united universities validity viewing views wheeler wiseman witch witchcraft zener

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