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North American Native Languages (497)

canadan native native
ability abortion abstract accounts active adult affairs africa african agency airport alaska amendment americans ancestry ancient angeles animal arbitrary archived armed artificial arts asia asian associated atlantic atlas attitudes auxiliary barack basa billion birth bloomfield books boston brain britain britannica budget bureau bush california cambridge canada capita capital census centers centre characteristic china chinese cia cities citizen civil classes classical climate coalition coast code colonial colonies columbia combination comic command commonly commons communication companion comparative compared complex computer computing concept constitution constitutional constructed contact contemporary contents contiguous controlled council courts created crime cultural culture current deaths decades declaration declared defined definitions democracy democratic demographic depression dept describe destiny dialect diplomatic discussion disease distinction division dollar drug ecology economic economy elected election emerged employed energy enforcement environment era estimated estimates european exchange executive expansion expenditures external factbook features fifty file film fish football formal foundation founded france gdp geography german global government governments grammar grammarian grew gross guam guard gulf health highest highly hindi hispanic historical hobbes hollywood household humans immigrants immigration incarceration income independence india indian indigenous individuals indonesia industrial inequality inhabitants innovation instance institute institution insurance intelligence intended interaction internet iraq islands japan japanese johnson judicial justice kingdom languages largest latin laws leading learn legal legislative levels linguistic lists literacy literary log logical london los mainland mandate meanings media median mental metro metropolitan mexico modified mountain movie msa names national nationmaster native navigation net netherland neurons news northeast nuclear official oil origin original origins oxford pacific park parties passenger peoples permanent philosophical philosophy plain plants policies politics pop popular populations portal possesses poverty powers presidential primary priorities prison prize produced product professional programming project properties puerto random ranked ranking rates recognized refer reference referred reform region regions relation remained representation representative republic republican reserve resident resource retrieved review revolution rico rights rise rocky role russia saint scholar science scientific search sector security semantic semiotics senate settlers sex sign signs site slave slavery slaves social sounds source southwest soviet spanish speaker species speech spending spoken sports spurred st statistical statistics status structure studies successful supreme survey symbolic symbols taught technological television territories territory texas text theater thirteen trade traditions transportation travel trend united units usa vehicle version victory vietnam virgin visual von vote war wars wave wealth won writers

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