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Languages of East and Southeast Asia (495)

Asia Asia Asia Asia Languages Languages Languages
ability abrahamic actions administrative africa ancient animal antiquity apply arab arabia arbitrary artificial asia asian auxiliary bahasa bangladesh bank basa bloomfield bookdownload brain burma cambridge caucasus centre china cite civilization classical combination commonly commons communication compass complex concept constructed content continent continents controlled culture current cyprus definition describe details dialect dictionary disclaimers discussion distinct distinction donate eastern economic economy emirates empire esperanto etymology european events external featured features file financial fish formal foundation gdp geography grammar grammarian greek hindi historical hobbes hong humans ido india indian individuals indonesia instance intended interaction interlingua iran islands japan japanese kingdom kong korea landmass languages largest latin laureate learn library linguistic lists located log logical malaysia map maps meanings mental modified mountains muslim mythology named namespaces national native navigation nederlands neurons news nobel nominal northern ocean oceania oman orient origin originated origins pacific pakistan pdfprintable permanent philippine philosophical philosophy physical portal portion presented privacy prize programming properties railway random reasons recognized refer reference referred region regions registered relation religions republic resources retrieved russia saudi saussure scholar science scientific sea search semantic semiotics siberia sign signs singapore social sounds source southeast southeastern spanish speaker species speech spoken sri status steppe studies subregions symbolic symbols taiwan taught territories territory text thailand timor toolbox tools trademark train transcontinental turkey united upload ural usage variants vehicle version vietnam views von war writer yemen

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