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English writing system and Phonology (421)

English English
abjad abstract abugidas accepted accounts actions actual adapted allophones alphabet alphabets ancient application applied apply arabic archaeologist asia aspirated associated author autosegmental bahasa baudouin bbc bc behavior blackwell block bookdownload cambridge category chandler characters china chinese chomsky citations cite civilization clay cognitive commons communication complex complexity component composition computer concept concern conference consequence consonants constraint contact content creation creative cultural culture cuneiform current cybernetics defines descendant describe details deutsch disclaimers discovered discussion distinction donate economic egypt egyptian element energy engineering entities events evolved examples external featural feature featured features foundation generative glyph goldsmith greek halle hebrew hieroglyphic historical improve indicated indus input inscription interaction introduction inventory italiano jakobson journal jump languages linguistic log logogram logographic ma magyar media medium mesoamerica message millennium minimal mit model models modified morpheme morphology morphophonology namespaces navigation notion oldest optimality organizational output oxford pair patricia pdfprintable pencil perception permanent phoenician phoneme phonemic phonetic phonetics phonological phonologist phonology physical physics polski portal practice prince privacy processes project pronunciation properties random recording refers registered relationships represent representation representing retrieved roman rules sanskrit scholar science scribe script scripts search segments sign signs social soft sounds speaker speech spelling spoken stone structure studies style subsystem syllabaries syllabary syllabic syllable symbols tagalog text theoretical tokens toolbox tools trademark underlying united units upload variant variation version views von vowel warden write writer

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