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Altaic, Uralic, Hyperborean and Dravidian (494)

aalto accepted ainu al alexander alexis altai altaic altaicists altaische altaischen ancient apply arctic articulation asia asian asiatic attempt attributed bookdownload cambridge celts characteristic chicago circle cite cited classical classification clauson closely cognate collinder commons comparative compare consonant contact content contributions correspondence creative culture current debate der detail deutsch dictionary die diodorus disclaimers discussion doerfer donate dravida dravidian dybo eastern edit edited enets erzya essays estonian ethnologue etymological eurasiatic european exists explanation extended external extinct families featured features file finnish forest foundation franz genetic geographic georg gerard gerhard grammar grammatical greek greenberg grouped grouping harmony harrassowitz helsinki herodotus homeland hungarian hyperborea hyperborean hyperboreans hypothese hypothesis included includes independent india initial institute interaction isolate janhunen japanese japonic journal juha jump karasuk karelian karl kazhagam khanty kitan komi korean lands languages legends linguist linguistic linguistics linguists location log london manaster mansi mari marked marshall martine menges miller modified mongolian mongolic mordvinic mountain mudrak munnetra mythology nadu namespaces navigation nenets nicholas northern nostratic notes numeral occur occurred oleg origin original oxford palatalization pentti peoples permanent permic phoneme phonology pindar pitch places plural polar poppe portal preceded prehistory primary privacy pronouns proposed prosody publication published ramer ramstedt random reconstruct reconstructed region relation relationship relative remain retrieved review robbeets root russia sami samic samoyedic scholars search selected sergei sets seura shared similarities speakers split spoken sprachwissenschaft stanford starostin stefan steiner stockholm stone strahlenberg studies suffix suffixes suggested syllable tamil text theories toolbox tools trademark tree tungusic turkic udmurt ugric und unger upload uralic urheimat verb verlag version views vocabulary voiced von vovin vowel wiesbaden yukaghir

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