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Tunisia and Libya (961)

Libya Libya
abidine adhere africa african agricultural agriculture airport al algeria ali allied allies allowed ancient announced annual arab arabic arabs archaeological arrest atlas attack authoritarian authorities bahasa bank battle bbc bedouin benghazi berber bey billion bombing border bordering bourguiba build burkina campaign candidate cape capita capital carthage centre chad chamber cia cities claims coast coastal coastline colony committees communities companies composed conference congresses conquered constitution content continue controlled cooperation council critical cuisine culture cup current currently cyrenaica cyrene decade declared defeat democracy democratic demographics depression desert districts divided division dry eastern economic economy egypt el election empire energy equatorial estate estimated european event eventually exchange external factbook families famous features festival fezzan financial flag flight football forced formally founded france fund gaddafi gafsa gas gdp geography german ghadames global government governorate greatest greek guide gulf handball highest historical housing idris illegal immigrant income incorporates independence independent initiative internet introduced invasion islam islamic italian italians italy jabal jamahiriya jewish jews journalist judiciary kairouan king kingdom languages largest leader league les library libya libyan located maghreb magna majority maltese map media mediterranean membership minister morocco mosque mountains muammar museum muslim national navigation network news northern notes nuclear numerous oases observer occupation occupied officer official oil oldest organisation origin ottoman pan parliament parliamentary parties partner phoenician plain policies politics popular portal prime programme project province punic ranked ranking recorded referred refugee regime region regions relations remained represented republic restricted retrieved revolution revolutionary rights role roman romans rome round ruins rule sahara sanctions saudi sea sector security selected serve settlement sierra site situated social socialist source sousse soviet spain speakers spoken sport sports st sudan survey suspects team territories territory terrorism text thousands tourism tourist towns tozeur trade trading transport travel treaty tribal tribe tripoli tripolitania tuareg tunis tunisia tunisian tunisie turks united urban uweinat vandals virtual visit war water weapon won yemen zine

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