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Southern Africa; Republic of South Africa (968)

ababa absolute abuse academic actions ad adams addis afar afarensis affairs africa african africanews africans africanus afrikaans ages agriculture al alexander alexandria algeria ali americas ancient angola animal antarctica apley apply arab arabian arabic arabs architecture argued aristocracy asante ascension asia asian asserted atlantic atlas au australopithecus authority ayisyen bahasa bank bantu banu basa bbc bc beds benin berber billion bloemfontein bookdownload books border bosanski botswana boundary britannica bronze cambridge cameroon canal canaria canary cape capital carnivorous cattle caused centre centuries ceuta chicago china christianity cite cities civil civilisation civilizations claimed clan classical climate coast coastal coastline colonial colonialism colonies colonization coloureds coltan combined commerce commission commons commonwealth communist communities companies complex concept confederacy confederation conflict congo connected consisting consists constitution constitutional constitutions constitutive contact content continent continental continents continue controlled convention council coup covers created creating creative cretaceous cricket crisis cruz cultural culture cunha cup current da dahomey dance dated declared decline decolonization definition deforestation democracy democratic demographics density dependencies derived describe desert details detroit deutsch developing diamond dictatorship dictionary dinosaur disclaimers discovered discussion disputed distinct diversity divided djibouti domestic domesticated dominated donate drawn dry dutch dynasty earliest eastern ecology economic economically economy eesti effectively egypt egyptian elected election elective elite embraced empire environment epoch equatorial era ergaster esperanto estimated estimates ethiopia ethiopian ethnic etymology eurasia european euskara event everdell examples exception exclave executive existed expanded external extinction fage families famine farming fate fauna featured features federation fifty file finer focus football forests formed fossil foundation founded founder founding france freed fully gabon gaeilge gain gained galego gambia genesis geographic geography gerald ghana global gold gordon government gran greece greek grew guerrilla guide guinea hausa height helena herbivores hereditary heritage highest historian historical holy homo horn hosted hrvatski humans hundreds ideals ideology ife ifran ifri igbo illiteracy impact imperial included includes increasing increasingly independence independent india indian indiana indicating indigenous indirect indonesia influences inhabitants inhabited instability instance institution integrated interaction interior interlingua introduced iran irish ironworking islam islamic islands israel isthmus italian italiano italy jacobs joined jump jungle jurassic kenya khoi khoisan king kingdom kingfisher kings landmass languages largest las latin latina leader lebanese legislative legitimacy leone levels liberal liberia library libya ligne limited log london machiavelli madagascar madeira madison magyar mainland maintained majority malagasy mali map mauritania mayotte media medieval mediterranean megafauna melilla mentioned merchant mesozoic metropolitan migration minority mixed model modified molefi monarch monarchies monarchs monarchy montesquieu morocco mountain movements mozambique museum musical muslim named names namespaces namibia national native navigation nederlands newly news niger nigeria nile nilotic nineteenth northeast northern notably nouormand nri nubia numerous oba occitan occupation occupied occur occurred ocean oceania official oil oldest online organisation origin original originally origins oxford oyo paleohistory palmas pan pap parliament parliamentary pdfprintable peaks peninsula peoples permanent pg philosophers philosophy phoenicia phoenician phrase physical plain played pocock policies politeia politics polski poorer popular populated populations portal portuguese poverty powerful powers practiced prehistory presence presidential prime privacy proclaimed programme projection proposed prosauropod protestant province proximity publica publishers pygmies quentin random ranked rare ras recognition recognized refer referred refers regime region regions registered relative remain remained remaining remains renaissance representative represented republic republican republicanism republicans republics res reserve resource retrieved revolt revolution rhythms rights rise rivers role roman romans roughly routes royal rugby ruins rule ruled ruler runa rural russia sahara sahel sahrawi saint san santa sapiens satellite savanna scholars science scramble sea search seat seized semitic senegal separated settlement settler seychelles shared shqip sierra slave slavery slaves smaller smallest socialist societies somali source southwest sovereign soviet spain spanish species sphere spoken sport spread stanford statistics status strata stronger structure structured struggle studies style subsequent successful sudan sudanic suez suomi supercontinents surname surrounded survey svenska swahili swaziland switzerland syria tanzania team television temperate tendaguru tenerife territorial territories territory text texts theropod ties title togo toolbox tools tournament towns trace trade trademark trading tradition traditional traditions translated translation travel treaties triassic tribe tristan tropical tuareg tunisia turkey twentieth uganda ukwu unable unesco united upload urbanization usage valley van variants variety vegetation venice verde version views violations visual war wikisource wild winaray won writer writings yamoussoukro yoruba zimbabwe zone

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