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Paraguay and Uruguay (989)

access actions administrative agricultural agriculture aires alliance alto americas antonio argentina argentinian armed arrived artigas assembly atlantic attack bank batlle battle birth blanco bolivia border brazil brazilian broad buenos cabinet candidate capita capital carlos catholic cattle census chaco chamber champions cheese cities ciudad civil civilian climate coalition colonia colonial colonies colonization colorado communications communists competitiveness con conflict constitution constitutional contents continue corruption countryside cubas culture cup current declared defeated defeating del democracy democratic demographic demonstrations departments despite dessert developing developments diego distribution domestic dominican drink dulce eastern economic economist economy el elected election electoral emerged empire estancia este estimated ethnic etymology european event executive exiled export exporter exports external factbook famous features fernando fifa financial flores football formed fought foundation founded francisco fruit gdp geography german global government grew guerrilla guide ham health highest historic historical houses immigrants income increasing independence independent indigenous inequality institute intelligence internet issues italian jesuit juan landlocked languages largest las latin latina leader leche legislative legislature liberal lies literacy located los lugo luis lynch majority manuel manufacturing meat media mennonite mestizo milanesa ministry montevideo mortality mujica national neighboring network news nickson observers ocean official officially opposition oribe oriental origin oviedo paraguay paraguayan parliament partido parties pasta paste pedro perception permanent pie plata plate policies politics popular portal portuguese poverty presidency presidente presidential prices primary privatization project prosperity province rail ranked ranking reforms regime region relations republic resource retrieved revolution rights rivera roman rosas rule rural russian salto san sanguinetti sauce search sector settlement settlers smaller smallest social solano source sovereign spain spanish split sport statistics stroessner struggle studies substantial sugar supreme survey tango team telecommunication territories territory text tourism trade traditional traditionalists traditionally transparency travel treaty tribe triple tupamaros unemployment united urban uruguay uruguayan variants venezuela version vote war wars water website widespread win winter won worldwide writer zone

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