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Palestine to 70 (933)

abbasid abdullah acre actions administrative agency agreement agricultural alexander aliyah allowed ancient announced antiquity arab arabian arabic arabs archaeological archaeology ashkelon asia assembly assyrian attacks authorities authority avi aviv balfour bank bar battle bce believed bethlehem bible biblical books border borders boundaries boundary brigade brill britain britannica bronze bulletin byzantine caesarea cairo caliph caliphate cambridge camp canaan canaanite capital capitulation captured cave ce centuries christianity christians cities civil civilization classical coast coastal communities concerning conference conflict conquered conquest consisted construction context coogan council crusader culture current damascus dated dc declaration declared deir delimitation demographic describe description desert destroyed dictionary divided dynasty earliest eastern economic economy egypt egyptian empire enjoyed era establishment estimated estimates european event eventually excavation exodus expansion exploration extended extending extensive external fatimid features fight filastin formed fortified fought founded galilee gaza geographer geographical german germany gil government governor greek guide haganah haifa hasmonean hebrew hebron hellenistic historical holy identity immigration included includes independence independent inhabitants inscription institute institutions interim irgun iron islamic israel israeli israelite issued iudaea jaffa jericho jerusalem jesus jewish jews jordan journal judah judea jund jurisdiction khalidi king kingdom kings latin league lebanon legal leiden levant library london mamluk mandate mandatory map maps mark marshall mccarthy mediterranean mesha moshe moslem mount mufti muhammad muslim nablus names national negev neolithic northern notable occupation occupied occurred official online oriental origin ottoman oxford palaestina palestine palestinian paris partition peninsula periods persian philistine places plain powers prima protection province publisher publishing rapid refer reference referred region relations remained remains renamed retrieved revolt rights riots rock roman routledge rule sacred safed sanjak scholar sea secunda security seljuk separate settled settlement shahin sharon sinai site smaller statement statistics status stele stone strip studies syria syrian tel temple territories territory testament text tools towns transjordan translated tribe turkey turks umayyad united urban valley views village violence visited wadi walid walls war water wave writers yemen zionism zionist

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