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Other parts of Pacific; Polynesia (996)

ad africa alaska aleutian americas ancient andesite antarctic archaeological archipelago arctic asia asian atlantic australia australian bahasa bay beach bering biology bird bismarck brauer britannica california canoe cape caroline chain chicken chile chilean china christmas chromosome coast cocos columbia commons contact content continental continents cook coral culture current defined definition del dependencies easter eastern economy ecuador edge equator equatorial european explorer external federated festival fiji finney futuna genetic geographic geography gilbert guinea gulf hemisphere honolulu hydrographic indian indonesia interaction introduction islands japan kayser korea lake languages lapita largest lie limit magellan majority map mariana marine marquesas marshall melanesia melanesian mexico micronesia micronesian migration model named national native navigation navigator noaa norfolk northeastern northern northwest ocean oceania oceanic oceans origin origins outlier pacific panama papua paradise philippine pitcairn pollution polynesia polynesian portal proposed rapa region republic retrieved roughly sailed sailing samoa san sea seamount search seas sequence settled site solomon southeast sovereign spanish specimen spread stoneking strait subduction submerged supported tahiti tasman territories tonga traditional transcontinental triangle tuamotu underhill united vanuatu village volcanic volcanism volcanoes voyages voyaging wales wallis war water waters zealand zone

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