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Iran (955)

abbas abbasid abu achaemenid afghanistan ahmadinejad al ali ancient animal announced annual approved arab arabic arabs architecture armed armenia armenian asia asian assembly authority ayatollah azerbaijan azeri basin battle bc bce billion bodies books borders branch britannica budget cambridge candidate capacity capita capital caspian caused celebrated centre centuries chemical china cia cities citizen civil civilization classical comprises conquest constitution constitutional contact continue contributed contribution council cultural culture current cyrus declared demonstrations dialects domestically dynasty eastern economic economy edition egypt elamite elected election embassy emperor empire energy era estimates ethnic eurasian european excerpt existence fars founder frequently frye gas gdp geography golden government governor greek guardian gulf health helped heritage highest highly historical hostage includes increasingly independence indian industrial industries influenced inscription institute intellectual intelligence iran iranian iranica iraq iraqi isfahan islam islamic kermanshah khamenei khan khatami khomeini khorasan khuzestan killed kingdom kurdish languages largest leader legislature library literary located mahmoud majlis mark mashhad mathematics medes media median medicine millennium minister ministry minorities missile mohammad mossadegh mountain mountainous mousavi muslim national native news northern nuclear official officially oil oman online origin pahlavi parliament parthian peak peoples performance persepolis persia persian petroleum pharmaceutical philosophy plain plateau poetry poets politics popular portal presidential presstv prime protests province publication published qajar qom ranges ranks recognized recount reform regarded region regional regions relation religions republic reserves responsible retrieved revolt revolution reza rights rise rocket role roman rome routledge rule russia saddam safavid saffarid samanid sassanian sassanid satellite saudi science scientific scientists sea sector security seleucid separate shah shapur shiraz site social source spoken sport spread studies succeeded suffered supreme tabriz tahirid technology tehran temperatures territories tourism tradition tribes troop turkey turkmenistan tv united uranium urban village vote war wars zagros zoroastrian zoroastrians

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