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Greece to 323 (938)

Greece Greece
aegean agency ages albania ancient annual armed asia athens balkan bank basketball bbc borders bridge byzantine capita capital changed china cities citizens civil civilization classical climate coin commission compulsory connection consists constantine constitution constitutional cooperation corfu corruption council crete crisis cuisine culture current cyclades cyprus czech debt democracy demographic dispute divided dodecanese dominated eastern economic economist economy empire epirus esa estimated eu euro european eurostat eurozone eventually external factbook features fleet folk forest formation france fund games gdp geography global globalization government greatest greece greek hellenic hellenistic heritage highest immigrant independence internet ioannis ionian islands issues italy king kingdom languages largest levels located london macedonia mainland majority male map maritime mediterranean membership minister minorities minority monetary mount mountain mountainous mountains muslim naming national nato needing news northern occupation official olympic olympus orthodox ottoman outlook park parliament parliamentary parties patras peloponnese peninsula peripheries philosopher philosophy pindus piraeus politics popular prefecture primary prime ranking region relations reporters republic retrieved rights role roman rule science sea secondary shipping social song source speakers spending sport statistical statistics struggle team technology temple territory thessaloniki thessaly thrace tourism tourist treaty turkey turkish united variety venizelos war worldwide

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