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Geography of and Travel in Europe (914)

accepted affairs africa ages alexander americas ancient animal antiquity arctic asia asian atlantic atlas austria bahasa baltic baltica basa battle bbc bc berlin birth books borders bosnia boundary branch britain britannica broad cambridge capital cartography caspian catholic caucasus caused centuries chinese christianity cia circumference cite cities classical climate columbia commonly commons complex computer connection constitute content continent continents contrast convention council credited cultural culture current currently cyprus debt declared decline defined definition demographic density derived description details discipline discovery divided eastern economic economics economies economy emigration empire environment environmental ethnic etymology eu eurasia euro europa european eurozone events eventually expanding external factbook facto famine fauna features fell fields finland forest forests formed foundation france gdp geographer geographic geographical geography geological geology geomatics geostatistics german germanic germans germany gis global greece greek greenland grown gulf habitat herodotus historical hitler holy hospitality humans hungary iceland included includes independence industrial integration interaction ireland iron islam islamic islands italy joined journal kingdom lands landscape languages largest latin latitude leading legal limited location london longitude mainland majority malta management map maps mathematics medieval mediterranean migration mixed mountainous mountains movements muslim names national nato navigation neolithic netherlands news nobility northern notable notes ocean official online ottoman oxford penguin peninsula phenomena philosophy physical physiographically plague plain played poland politics populations portal portion portugal powers projection protestant publications qualitative quantitative quarter ranking recession refer regarded region regional regions relationship remote renaissance republic require resource retrieved revolution rise roman roughly royal russia russian scandinavia scholar science sciences scottish sea search sensing serbia shape share showing social societies sociology source sovereign soviet spain spatial species split spread statistics status stub studies taiga techniques territories text tools tourism tourist traditional transcontinental transport travel tree tribes uk unemployment united ural urban valley variant variety vast war wars water wealth wigen

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