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Europe north and west of Italy to Ca. 499 (936)

abroad accepted achieved acquired actions active ad adriatic affairs africa african afrikaans ages agricultural aircraft airport al albania albanian alessandro alliance allowed alongside alpine alps americas ancient animal antiquity aosta apply apulia architects architectural architecture arctic artistic artists arts asia asian atlantic atlas australia austria automobile ayisyen bahasa balkan baltic bank baroque basa basilica basin battle bbc bc bear believed berlin berlusconi biggest billion biodiversity birds birth birthplace bocconi bologna bookdownload books border bordering borders bosanski bosnia boundary branding brezhoneg britain britannica broad buildings byzantine calabria cambridge campania campione canada capita capital carabinieri cardinal caspian cathedral catholic catholicism caucasus caused cebuano census centre centres centuries chamber changed characteristic chinese christianity churches cia cinema cite cities citizens citizenship civilian civilization classical climate coalition coast coastal code colonial colonies columbia commonly commons communication communist communities companies comparable compass complex composers conference connection considerable constitute contact contemporary content continent continental continents contribution controlled convention corsu council cover creative crime crisis cuisine cultural culture currency current currently customs cyprus czech czechoslovakia da debt decade declared declination decline defence defined definition deforestation dei del della democratic demographic denomination density deputies derived designers despite detail deutsch di dialects diaspora dictionary directions disaster disclaimers discovery discussion dishes dissolved distinct divided domination don donate earliest easter eastern economic economics economies economist economy eesti elected election electoral emerging emigration emperor empire empires encyclopaedia energy enlightenment enrico entered equal esperanto establishment estimate estimated estimates ethnic ethnologue etiquette etymology eu eurasia eurasian euro europa european eurostat eurozone euskara events eventually examples exist expanded experienced exports extended external factbook facto factors famine famous fascist fashion fauna featured features fell fighting file film financial finland flag fleet folk forest forests formation formed forming forum foundation founded founding france fund funded gaeilge galego garden gardens gdp generation genoa geographic geographical geography geological geology georgia german germanic germans germany gibraltar giorgio giovanni giuseppe global globe gothic government gradually grand greatest greece greek greenland grew guardian guide gulf habitat health healthcare helped heritage herodotus highest highly historian historical hitler holidays holy hosts houses hrvatski humanism hungary iceland il illegal immigrants immigration included includes increasingly independence independent indonesia industrial influenced infrastructure inhabitant innovation institute integration intellectual interaction interior internet introduced invaded invasion invented ireland iron islam islands istat italia italian italiana italiano italians italy japan jews joined journal judiciary jump kapampangan killed king kingdom kosovo labour ladin lake lands languages largest latin laws leadership leading league legal leonardo levels lgbt liberal libraries library libya liguria ligurian limited literary lives located location log lombard lombardy london lumbaart macedonia magazine magna magnetic magyar mainland majority malta management map marino maritime marked massive mathematics media medici medieval mediterranean megalithic merchant metropolitan michelangelo migration milan minister ministry minorities minority mixed modified moldova monarchy monetary monument mountainous mountains movements muslim mussolini namespaces naples napoleon napoleonic national nato navigation navy nazi nederlands neighbouring neolithic netherlands network news nobel nobility northern notable notes nouormand nuclear numerous observer occitan ocean oceania oecd official officially oldest online opera organisation oriented origin original origins orthodox osce ottoman oxford painting palace palazzo papers park parliament parliamentary parties partly pdfprintable peacekeeping penguin peninsula peoples percent periods permanent petrarch pg philosophy physical physiographically piazza pieces piedmont pisa plague plain played poland politics polski pop pope popular populations portal portion portugal powers prehistory presence primary prime privacy produced producer profile protection protestant province railway random ranked ranking raphael rates recession recognised recognition recognized recorded refer referendum referred reform reformation reforms regarded region regional regions registered relation relative reliable religions remain remained remains renaissance renowned replacing representation represented republic republica republics resource retrieved revolution rich rights rise rising rococo role roman romance romanesque romania romanian rome root royal rugby rule runa russia saint sample san sardinia sardinian save scala scandinavia science scientific scots sea search seas secondary sector security senate serbia share shared showing shqip sicilian sicily signed silvio simi site slovene slovenia smaller social socialist somalia song soomaaliga source sovereign soviet spain spanish species spending split spoken sport spread srpski srpskohrvatski st starting stations statistics status studies style surpassing survey svenska sweden switzerland taiga technology telegraph television temperate tend territories territory text texts theatre tourism tourist trade trademark tradition traditional transcontinental translation transport treaty tree tribes trieste troops turin turkey tuscan tuscany uk ukraine unclear unemployment unesco unification unified united unity universities upload ural urban val valentino valleys variant variation variety vast vatican vehicle venetian veneto venezuela venice version victory vienna views villa villas vinci visited vote walon war warm wars warsaw water waterways wealth whilst widespread wigen winaray wind wine winter workers worldwide writer zone

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