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Ethiopia and Eritrea (963)

Ethiopia Ethiopia Ethiopia Ethiopia Ethiopia
ababa abyssinia access addis aethiopica afar affairs africa african agreement agricultural agriculture aksum al amhara amharic ancient animal annual arab arabic arnaldo arrested asmara assembly associations axum bahasa banking bat bbc beja bekele biggest border bordering burkina calendar cape capita capital census centers chapter christianity christians churches cia cite cities civil civilization climate coalition coast coastline coffee colony commission commons communism conflict connell conservation constitution contact content council created critical cuisine culture current cushitic dan declared deforestation democracy democratic demographics denomination derived despite districts diverse divided djibouti dog domestic drought dynasty eastern economic economist economy egypt egyptian elected election elephant emperor empire encyclopaedia endangered environment environmental equatorial eritrea eritrean estimated ethiopia ethiopian ethiopians ethiopic ethnic ethnically ethnicities eu european executive expectancy export exports external factbook famine farmer fastest films forest gazelle gdp geography girma global gold governance government greek gurage habitat haile harari health heritage highland historical historically horn hunting impact improve independence independent infrastructure inhabitant interaction islam islamic islands israel italian italians italy iv journal justice kenya king kingdom kunama kush languages largest league leather library limited livestock located map massawa meles menelik mengistu merid mesafint migration minister monetary muslim national nationalities navigation needing news nile northeast northern numerous observers occupation official officially ogaden oldest opposition organizations oromo orthodox pankhurst parliament parliamentary parties peasant peoples percent persecution plateau politics popular populations portal portugal potential poverty primary prime projects promote province railway ras rashaida rates rebels recognition recognized refer referred refugee region regional regions registered registration reign relations relationship religions remains republic resolution resource retrieved revenue revolution rift rights roads round rule rural saho sahrawi sanitation scholars sea search secondary sector selassie semitic shrew siegbert sierra site situated social soil somali somalia source specie spoken sport struggle studies sudan survival territories tewodros text threatened tigray tigrayan tigre tigrinya trade traditional transport uhlig unesco unique united unity urban urbanization valley verlag war wars water website wildlife wolf wolves yemen zemene zenawi zimbabwe zion zone

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