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England and Wales (942)

aberffraw academy acts ad africa ages agreement agriculture airport albion alternative amgueddfa ancient angles anglesey anglican annual ap applied archaeology architecture archived armenia arrived artists arts ashes assemblies assembly associated atlantic authority bacon bahasa bank base bath battle bay bbc bc bibliography birmingham blaenau books border bristol britain britannica britons brittany broadcasts bronze bryn brythonic busiest cabinet caicos cambrian cambridge cameron canada canal canterbury capita capital cardiff carmarthenshire castle cathedral catholic celtic celyn census centre centuries ceredigion championship channel christianity christopher cities civil claim classical climate clubs coal coalition coast coastline coat code cole collection commission commons commonwealth communities competition connected conquest conservative constituent constitutional consumed contemporary content continental conurbations copper cornish cornwall council counties courts created cricinfo cricket cross crown cuisine cultural culture cup currency current custom cyf cymru cymry da daffodil dame dance daughter davies debate defeated definition democrats demographics demography dependencies deputy derived designated despite devolution devolved dictionary died discussion distinct districts divided division dragon dyke dynasty earliest eastern economic economy edwardian eisteddfod election emerged empire energy era estimates ethnic etymology european evans event eventually examples external facto fafinski falkland famous features featuring festival fifa financial flag flintshire folk folklore football formed foundation founded founder france funded gaelic games gdp geoffrey geography georgia germanic gillan glamorgan gold gothic governance government gower grandson gruffydd guide gwent gwynedd gwynfor headed health healthcare heavily helped hen heritage highest hills historic historical holds hood host houses ice identity immigration included includes independence independent india indonesia industrial industrialised industries influential innovation instance institute internal introduced introduction invasion ireland irish iron islands isle isles italian johnny jones key king kingdom kingdoms kings koch labour lady lake lamb lands landscape languages largest latin laws leader league learning lecture leeds leek legal legislation legislative liberal library liverpool llywelyn located location lolfa london lord magazine mail majority manchester manufacturing maritime mark measures medal media medieval mercia merthyr metal metropolitan michigan mid midland mild mining minister minority mint monarch monarchy monument motorway mountain mountains mp museum musical named names national native navigation neolithic netherlands network newcastle newport news newspaper nhs northern notable nottingham numerous oak ocean offices official officially oldest onwards opening operate oppenheimer origin original originally originated originating origins outline output overseas owain oxford painter painting palace palaeohispanica park parliament parliamentary parties patron pembrokeshire penguin peninsula pennine peoples permanent pertiwi philosopher pie places plaid plantagenet played poem poet poetry politics popular port portal portugal pottery pound powers powys practice prehistoric primary prime prince principal principality prison proclaimed produced producing prominent protected providing province published publishing queen rail railway rainfall recognised referendum referred regarded regional regions remained remaining renaissance replaced represent represented republic responsible restored retrieved revival revolution rhondda rise rivers robin rock roger role roman romans roots routledge royal rugby rule runs russia saint saints saxons science scotland scottish sea search seat secondary sector separate settled settlement severn sheffield ships sides signs sir sister site slate smelting snowdonia social song source sovereign spain speaker spent spoken sport sports st stadium statistics status sterling stone stonehenge stories structure studies style subdivision successful suggested suggests sunday supreme survey swansea symbol symbols takes tale talybont team telegraph territories text throne title tourism tower towns trade traditional traditionally traditions transport travel treaty tree tribe tudor tydfil tyne uk united universities upland urban valley victorian victory viking virgin wales walesonline war wars water waterway website welsh wessex westminster wider williams won wonders wood wrexham yorkist yorkshire yr zone

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