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Egypt and Sudan (962)

Sudan Sudan
ababa abdel accessed accused activists ad addis affairs africa african agreement agricultural agriculture ahmed al alexandria ali alleged allow allowed ancient animist announced ansar apart appointed arab arabia arabic arabs architecture armed armies arrest asia assembly assumed aswan asyut attack attacks attempts autonomy bahasa bank battle bbc bc beja belief beni border bordering britain burkina byzantine cairo campaign canal candidate cape capita capital card cataract caused centuries chad chadian chairman championship charges china christianity christians christmas churches cia cit cities civil civilian civilization claiming climate code combined command committed commons communities comprehensive conflict conquest constitution constitutional construction contact contemporary content continue coptic copts corruption council coup created crime criminal crisis culminated cultural culture currency current dam darfur declaration declared delta democracy democratic demographics density desert despite died dinka diplomatic displaced dispute disputed disputes distinct districts divided division dynasty eastern economic economy egypt egyptian el elected election embassy emerged emergency empire ended equatoria equatorial era establishment estimate estimated ethiopia ethnic etymology european event eventually everest executive expanded export external factbook faiyum famine famous faso fastest fatimids fell festival fighting film flag folk followers forced formed founded france fur gaafar garang gas gaza gdp genocide geography giza global government governorate greek guardian guide hassan hausa hebrew herds highest historically hosni humanitarian humanity hundreds identification identity immigrant implemented increasing independence independent indian indigenous infrastructure initiative introduced invaded invasion investment irrigation islam islamic islamist islands ismail israel israeli issued italian janjaweed jihad juba judicial justice kafr khartoum killed king kingdom kings kurdufan kush kushite landscape languages largest launch launched laws leader leadership leading league legal legislative legislature levels liberation library limited located location london luxor mahdi mahdist mahdiyah mahmoud majority map matruh media mediterranean meroe meroitic merowe militia minister ministry minorities minority mission missionary mohamed mohammed mosque mountain mubarak muhammad muslim naguib nasser national nationalism nationalist native navigation newly news nile nimeiry northern northwest notes nour nubia nubian nuer observer occupation occupied ocean officers official officially oil omar omdurman opposition organizations orthodox ottoman oxford parliament parties pasha peninsula peoples permanent persian pharaoh politics popular port portal posts powers presence presidential prime project prominent prosecutor protectorate protest published pyramid rainfall ranking rapidly rashaida rebel rebels recognized referendum referred reforms refugee regain region regional regions registered relation remained remains renewed reports representative republic resolution resources retrieved reuters revenue revolution revolutionary rich rights rise role roman royal rule ruled ruler ruling sadat sahara saint salvation satellite saudi science sea search sector security semitic sennar sharia shia sierra signed signing sinai site slave slavery smaller social sohag soil soldier sought source southwest species spla spoken sport stated strategic strip struggles subdivided subsequently substantial succeeded successor sudan sudanese suez sufi sultan sunni syria talks team television territories territory text thebes thousands ties torture tourism trade transport treaty tribal tribe troop uganda umma united upper urban valley vice villages violence war warrant watch wealth withdrew won workforce writer yemen zimbabwe zone

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