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Colombia and Ecuador (986)

administrative affairs african alliance amazon amerindian ancestry andean andes antonio armed associate bahasa bank barranquilla basin biofuels border branch brazil bucaramanga cali camilo capita capital career caribbean carlos carnival cartagena cartel catholic cauca caused cenepa cia cities civil climate coast coastal coffee colombia colombian colombiana colombians colonial colonies colonists colonization commons communities compared comprise conflict conquest conservative constitution constitutional content continuing cordillera corregimiento corruption costa council created crisis cuenca cuisine cultural culture currency current currently cusco decade declared defeated deforestation del democracy democratic demographic density departments despite destination dispute diverse divided division domestic dominican drug eastern economic economy ecuador ecuadorian edition editorial el elected election emerging empire en endemic energy environmental esmeraldas estado estimated ethnic european executive exports external factbook famous features festival financial flower football forest formed foundation francisco fund gabriel gained gdp geography global government gran granada guajira guayaquil guerrilla guillermo gustavo headed health heritage highest highlands highway historia illegal immigrant immigration improved improvement inca included includes independence independencia independent indigenous influenced influences inhabitants instability institute insurgents integration intelligence internal islands issues italian jorge juan judicial key languages largest las latin leading legislative liberal location loja los lowland luis majority manuel map marta mayor mestizo mexico minister ministry mission mixed moreno mountain mountains muisca municipal municipalities nacional national native naval navy news northern novelist nueva observers ocean official oil pacific palm panama paramilitary park parties patria peoples percent pereira permanent peru peruvian pipeline politics popular populations portal poverty practice presidency presidential primary professional profile province puerto quito rafael rain rainforest rankings rates rebellion recession region regional regions remained remains representative republic resources retrieved revolution rights rio roman rule rural san santa santander santo scandal search secondary sector security separation serve site slaves smaller social source spain spanish species spoken statistics strategy substantial superior supreme symbol team technical tensions territorial territories territory text tourism tourist tourists trade traditional traditions transportation travel troops tropical unesco united universidad urban uribe venezuela vice viceroyalty violence vote war water zone

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