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China and Adjacent areas (951)

ad ancestor ancient angle arts asia bahasa base bc bce beijing believed buddhism calligraphy capital characters china chinese christianity circle circular civil civilization classical climate commonly communist cone confucianism content conversion coordinate council cultural culture derived diplomatic divided divisions dynastic dynasties dynasty earliest eastern economic economy emperor empire environment erectus estimated ethnic european expanded external famine features forced formula formulae geography government han heaven height highly historical homo hong identity imperial included integral japan jin kingdom kong korea kuomintang languages lives mainland mandarin mekong metre ming mongolia mountain muslim names national nationalist navigation needing news northern notes official oldest opium perimeter philosophy plateau polygon popular prc province qin qing radius rebellion refer reforms region regular relations representative republic retrieved revolution rivers roc rule science shang shangdi shen sides simplified slant social song sovereign sports taiwan tang taoism technology territories territory text traditional triangle united units variants vietnam war wu xia yuan zhou zone

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