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Canada (971)

aboriginal active aerospace affairs afghanistan africa agency agreement alberta americas archive arctic assembly atlantic atlas australia autonomy battle bilingual bilingualism billion books border borders britain broadcasting canada canadian cape capital cartier census charter civilization climate coast colonies columbia combined commons commonwealth confederation conference conflict conservative constitution constitutional contribution cooperation corporation council courts creation crisis crown cultural culture current currently defence deficit democracy democratic demographic desmond dominion economic economist economy elected election ethnic european evolution explored federalism federation financial flag foundation france francophonie geography germany global goods government governor guide health heritage hill historical hockey identity immigrants immigration indian indigenous industrial influenced institute interaction internet inuit islands italy joined journal judge justice kingdom kitts lake languages largest laws legal legislative legislature liberal loyalist manitoba manufacturing maple mcclelland metropolitan minister minority missions monarchy montreal morton mount museum names national native netherlands newfoundland northern northwest nova nunavut ocean official oil olympic ontario operate ottawa oxford pacific parliament parliamentary participation peacekeeping peoples permanent played politics popular populations portal practice prairie prime prince printer produced project province provincial publishing quebec queen ranking regions relations republic resources responsible retrieved rights role royal russia saint saskatchewan science scotia search sector senate settled settlement social source sovereign sovereignty spoken sport st statistics status statute stewart studies supreme symbol technology territorial territories territory text toronto trade treaties treaty united urban valley vancouver victoria vincent virgin visible war wars westminster windsor winter yale

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