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Brazil (981)

accessed administrative affairs africa african agency agriculture aircraft airport alegre allowed amazon americas amerindian argentina armed atlantic azevedo bahia bank barman barsa bbc belo bolivia boxer brasil brasileira brasileiro brazil brazilian bueno calmon capital carvalho catarina climate colonial companhia constitution coup culture cup currency current da das decade declared democracy democratic demographic dictatorship ditadura dom eastern economic economy elected emperor empire encarta energy envergonhada equatorial era european events expansion extensive fausto federation fernando fifa financial football forest formula fortaleza fund gaspari gdp geografia geography gerais global government grande grupos guiana highest horizonte ibge imf immigrant imperial includes independence independent india indigenous influenced institute intelligence investment islands janeiro judiciary languages largest latin legal legislative letras luiz lustosa lyra minas monetary msn municipalities municipality nacional national native navy news northeast northeastern northern ocean official oil opposition organized ou pan paraguay parties paulo pedro pnad politics popular por porto portugal portuguese project rainforest ranking recife regime region regional regions republic residente resources retrieved rio rivers santa santo science senate sexo silva skidmore social source southeast spoken style succeeded sul supreme taxes temperate territorial territory trade transition transport tropical uma united uruguay vainfas vargas variation venezuela war website wildlife

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